Transform any space into your own personal golf oasis

The Tour Links system works with any synthetic and artificial turf on the market, a great putting green starts with a great base.  Do it yourself or work with a certified Tour Links installer to create your own putting and chipping golf green.

With the Tour Links putting green system the design possibilities are limitless. Design and build an artificial turf golf green in almost any location or climate; from a backyard putting green to a rooftop synthetic green, a patio green, a dynamic display for trade shows and events, or a professional golf teaching academy, all in less time and with less effort as compared to outdated rock and gravel construction. Indoors or outdoors, the office or home, flat or contoured, the design possibilities and applications are limitless.

Build your putting green permanently or move it from location to location. With Tour Links you never lose your investment due to the patented modular panel design.

We have solutions for all types of installations. Indoor, outdoor, rooftops, patios, and more. Your imagination is the limit. Contact us at 866-921-7888 today to speak to an expert design installer. 


DO NOT kick or hammer the panels into position. Kneel on the center of the corresponding panels and pull the panels into position. This will allow the panels to merge more easily.

Absolutely. Using the weed control cloth not only keeps the panels free of debris during installation but also helps insure the panels will move freely during normal expansion and contraction, and help create a more stable ground surface.

We have created the exact methodology for proper installation, taking in consideration variations in panel sizes due to manufacturing tolerances as well as expansion and contraction. Following our procedures insures consistent green size throughout the life of the green.

Many installers report that a Tour Links installation is 2/3 faster than a typical stone-based installation.

You don’t have to have one. This is the biggest advantage of the Tour Links Contour System. Build a green on a bowling alley and the green will be dead flat, but place the panels on a contoured area and they will follow the terrain creating a green that will replicate nearly anything found on a golf course. That’s Tour Links!

In many cases installing the panels directly on top of properly prepared earth, which has been covered with the Tour Links stabilization fabric, is all that is necessary. In some cases minimal compacted crushed stone sub base maybe required to ensure stabilization.

The fact that the panels are installed above ground insures that water will pass through the assembled panels very quickly into the existing ground.

The Tour Links under the panel foam contour system will allow you to create the most realistic indoor or outdoor contours imaginable in no time at all. Another Industry 1st for Tour Links.

No. A jigsaw and a 4-inch course cutting wood blade make easy work of it.

Indoors, outdoors, rooftop or backyard the Tour Links putting green systems eliminates all barriers.

It is simple; Tour Links panels create a perfectly engineered surface be it flat or contoured when turf is installed on the Tour Links Panels ball roll improves dramatically.