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Tour Links Miniture Golf

It is not by accident that Tour Links has become recognized as a major player in the mini golf community. The durability of every Tour Links panel, and the perfect putting surface we deliver, have made Tour Links a fan favorite for golfers of all skill levels.

Miniature golf course

The structural superiority of our molded polymeric panels has propelled Tour Links to the top of the custom mini golf course world. Our pre-packaged Mini Links and Mini Links Jr. miniature golf courses have delivered family fun from India to Illinois. Designers and contractors have come to rely on the predictability and quality that Tour Links delivers. From shopping malls to cruise ships sailing the seven seas, family favorite theme parks to vacation campsites, the Tour Links mini golf panel system delivers unsurpassed quality, ease of installation and, most importantly, fun for mini golf enthusiasts around the world. No Matter the size, shape, installation, the Tour Links panel system is your miniature golf solution.

Miniature golf course with landscaping work Miniature golf course on a plaza
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If you're looking for easy set up and the ultimate in phenomenal fun, Mini Links is for you. Pick a location, layout the holes and you're ready to play one of the most challenging mini golf courses on terra firma. Indoors or outdoors, permanent or temporary, the creatively designed holes will add serious style and sizzling excitement to any venue.
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For limited space and limited budgets, Mini Links Jr. is challenging and fun. Indoors or outdoors, permanent or temporary, the creatively designed holes will add serious style and sizzling excitement to any venue.

Start with the patented Tour Links panels and let your imagination take over. Create a fun and challenging miniature golf course designed for your specific market or location with all the ease and confidence you have come to expect from Tour Links. Need a single hole or an entire course? Indoors or outdoors? Rooftop or basement? Tour Links is your custom mini golf solution.

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cruise ship miniature golf installation

Installation by Adventure Golf

cruise ship miniature golf installation

Installation by Adventure Golf

Mackenzie Haggin Oaks Course

Installation by Dave Schy


Water mini golf on a splash pad…taking the players and game itself into an interactive water environment. It is the only product of its kind providing good throughput, serving all age groups (not just toddlers), and offering a balance of passive to active activities in the water park environment.

splashgolf miniature golf installation diagram


A golf learning / practice center, by Adventure Golf Services, that can be custom designed to fit any space or location such as an under-utilized tennis court or rooftop. TheGolfCourt allows for new amenity and profit center opportunities indoors or outdoors. It increases accessibility to golf for all ages regardless of skill level. Learn..Practice..and Play with TheGolfCourt today!

golf court installation

TheGolfCourt – “Hitting Bay”

This unique golf swing bay features:

  • Golf swing and putting practice in one system
  • Putting turf trimmed with rough turf
  • Two hole cups for putting practice
  • Outdoor nylon impact netting
  • Hitting mat and ball trays
  • Scenic backstop
golf court Hitting Bay


Play multiple classic lawn games on one activity court. Interchangeable games include: Bocce Ball, Croquet, Lawn Bowling, Putting and an optional Shuffleboard. Standard size of 10’ x 52’ with custom sizes available.

Custom Croquet Green
Whether you select our color splashed, challenging props for added intrigue and electricity, or create your own, Mini Links makes it easy!
custom putting green tee marker
custom putting Props

Custom Props

custom putting green props diagram

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