Base Panel for Putting Greens

Patented technology mixed with DIY practicality


Tour Links greens are extremely durable, weather resistant, UV protected and color safe. These rugged panels weigh an average of only 7 lbs. each making them easy to ship or store. Best of all, they provide the feel of a real putting surface so when you practice on Tour Links, you see the results on the course.

Build a green and leave it permanently or move it from one location to another. Tour Links makes it easy to practice whenever and wherever you want.

Tour Links Does Contours

One of the biggest misconceptions about the Tour Links panel system is that it would appear to be impossible for these rigid flat panels to be able to adjust to the existing terrain and create realistic contours. In essence, to mimic what you would find on an actual golf course. Once you step on our Tour Links greens you’ll become a believer. This video will lay any doubts to rest.

Design Options


Backyard Design

For that built-in custom look, Tour Links is the right solution. Create a design that enhances the desired space. Layout a pattern of Tour Links center panels. Transfer your unique design onto the panels and cut out the shape with a jig saw. Add the turf, a little landscaping and an afternoon of work becomes a lifetime of lower scores.


Traditional Design

Who ever said golf was difficult? All it takes is a little imagination and the Tour Links panel system. Design your own green by simply arranging any of the 6 different Tour Links edge panels for your selected shape.  Using the Tour Links edge panels ensures that the ball stays on the putting green and not your couch. Any interior or exterior space is suddenly transformed into your own personal golf oasis. Any size, any shape, any budget. That’s Tour Links.